It’s not ping-pong, but…

Yesterday, I did something I haven’t done in a while: I went running.

It was slow, painful going, and I looked like a mangy stray dog with my hair half-fallen out, but I loved every second of it. (And there were a lot of seconds – I’ve fallen far from my 5K PR. Very far.)

But the nice thing about running, of course, is that going slow is just fine. It’s not rugby – no one’s going to knock your teeth out if you can’t make to some arbitrary landmark in time. I love running because it has virtually no barrier to entry. No need to have any kind of hand-eye coordination or the ability to catch a ball coming rapidly at your face, both skills I lack. Got some feet and leg muscles that work, at least a little? You can be a runner!

That’s part of the reason I’m so honored that my amazing classmates at the Brandcenter decided to run the famous Monument Avenue 10K in my honor this April. A 10K is no joke, and for many of us advertising kids, the most exercise we get on a regular basis is riding our hipster bikes, crumpling up pieces of paper with terrible ideas on them and elbowing our way up to the bar to order another Hopslam. Although I wish I could run it myself, it means the world to know that my friends will be out there panting and pushing to get to the finish line for me.

But the Monument 10K has another awesome feature, and that is that it is part of the VCU Massey Cancer Center’s HDL Challenge. While I was sitting in the chemo chair, eating burritos and watching Law & Order, my insanely talented friends were putting together this incredible fundraising video:

Our goal was to raise $5,000, and we achieved it in a single day. But you can never raise too much money for cancer research, so if you’d still like to donate, you can do so here.

I’m unbelievably proud to call these writers, artists, filmmakers and creators my friends and colleagues. I love you guys, and good luck in the race! I’ll be cheering for you!

5 thoughts on “It’s not ping-pong, but…

  1. spotell says:

    Your friends are awesome!

  2. Kate says:

    That is beyond awesome!! Good luck, guys and gals- keep Michelle’s pretty face smilin’!

  3. The video is absolutely adorable.
    Sometimes, a run is about the simple joys of moving and getting from a point A to a point B. I get that, fellow runner. Kick cancer’s ass and get back to those fun races with your pals. 😉

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